Art is More, Jan Laurens Siesling


170x113mm / Softcover / 256 pages

The book about art history you must have. More than 500 resources about the most important monuments. More info

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This book turns traditional art history inside out. Not styles or forms or movements or artists or art theories are its point of departure, but the reason for being of art in civilization. Since the very beginnings of society art has raised and responded to the existential questions of the human kind. The history of the arts is the history of those questions and from that angle art should be presented: here it is. When reading this book, unfolding like a novel, we think yes, of course, no doubt, why didn’t we think of this before? And we agree that art is not a hobby or a profession or an entertainment; but the very heartbeat of the human race.

This art book carries no pictures. Lists of “major works” and a generous index have been added however to facilitate the consultation of resources on the internet.